Offers a different type of consulting and advising model. HCP also provides business development, marketing, investor relations, and media relationships operations for your business that sets us apart from the rest of the pack since we have been where you are, and we care about you. 

  Our reputation and gaining your trust are more meaningful to us than money. Harbour continues to promise to do our best for your business.

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Harbour Capital Partners is a Global Consulting and Investor Relations Firm for small to mid-sized private companies and public companies that trade on the NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, DFM, and OTC-BB traded companies that would desire to continue to the next stage of growth in their business.

We offer many very related execution services to help start-ups scale: Go-to-Market Strategies, Revenue Acceleration, Organizational Effectiveness and Capital Sourcing. Each of these services is necessary to help a business break the barriers of growth to get your business to move forward to the next level.  Through a series of select strategic partnerships, a new type of consulting firm was born to create measurable value, more opportunities, and innovative approaches for growing and distressed companies alike in the middle market using a new and unique mix of fundamental value creation, which has never been seen before in the market.

Our team of consultants work one on one with private, OTCBB, and international companies that want to take the next step and go public or if you are looking to expand your business operations.

We complete all of the necessary paperwork that you'll need when listing on NYSE & NASDAQ. We will build you a personalized comprehensive plan on what to expect moving forward.

We also do the following:
✓ Corporate messaging and branding
✓ Implementing IR “best practices”
✓ IR “boot camp” for newly public companies
✓ Answering investor and analyst inquiries
✓ Development of investor marketing materials
✓ Financial press releases and quarterly earnings calls
✓ Investor presentations
✓ Targeting institutional & retail investors
✓ Conferences and investor road shows
✓ Managing your annual report process
✓ Creation of website content
✓ Crisis communications
✓ Raise visibility within the investment community

Our team works closely with private, OTC, & International companies looking to IPO. Companies who are in need of a comprehensive business planning and who need full investor relation services, marketing, social media exposure, SEO, among other business needs such as business development & consulting,

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with Harbour Capital Partners you get the most efficient and competent full-service investor relation services, business development, and IPO help that many private, OTC and international companies are looking for right now. We have built a large list of relationships & connections to also help add value to your business. Our team has over 40 years of experience helping companies just like yours with all of your business needs.

HOW IT WORKS: We start with an introductory phone call to learn more about you and your company's needs. We listen to everything that is happening at your business and find the best area to add value. We build a comprehensive plan and framework afterwards we have an in-person meeting or a call to go over our plan for you, explain the process to you that shows you the value-added we provide to you.

                                              Don't expect to see a change if you don't make one

In addition, when you choose the best for your company will have access to our methodologies, 1000’s of contacts, advisors from publicly traded companies, the Harvard Alumni Network, University of Connecticut Alumni Network, The John Marshall Law School Alumni Network, Christos Cotsakos School of Business Alumni Network, William Paterson University's Alumni Network. Additionally, you will have access to networks at Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, the New York Stock Exchange, and Oppenheimer. Harbour has excellent connections with many venture capital firms, family offices, private funds, and utilizes other unique viewpoints from the best minds in the industry.

We help you build. We help you scale. We help you grow. We help you sleep at night. 

Harbour Capital Partners